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As you all know the first activity of the Erasmus projects was the design of the logo. After the local design we had a contest with the four international logos.

We have already published the final logo result bit as part of the evaluation and quality process of the project we are going to show you the official results of the logo and the number of votes.

So as a conclusion the Spanish logo has been the one chosen from all the participants as the official logo of the Erasmus + KA 229 ‘Enrichment is the result of meeting’

Congratulations to all the participants.





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Spanish National Radio interview


On the 28th of January 2021, Radio Nacional from Spain (RNE), interviewed our coordinator and the student who wins the proposal for the activity ‘Design our Logo’. Our coordinator talked with Noelia Muñoz about the project, and how the school will implement it during the 24 moths that it will last.

They also talked with Pedro Jiménez Jordán as the winner of the local logo contest, about how he designed the logo and what is the aim that he would like to represent.

Now the school will digitize the logo, we will vote among the four logos, one for each partner, to see which the winner is.

This logo will be used as the image of our project at local and also at international level.

You can listen to the interview from minute 5:30 on.



El pasasdo 28 de Enero de 2021, Radio Nacional de España, entevistó a nuestra coordinadora del proyecto y al ganador de la actividad “Diseña nuestro logo”. Noelia Muñoz, periodista de Radio Nacional, y Yolanda Jiménez, coordinadora del proyecto en nuestro centro, hablaron sobre cómo se va a implementar este tipo de proyectos europeos durante los 24 meses de duración.

También hablaron con Pedro Jiménez Jordán ganador del concurso de diseño del logo. Nos contó en qué se inspiró y qué quiso representar con este diseño.

Ahora el centro digitalizará el logo, y habrá una votación internacional entre los cuatro paises participantes.

El logo ganador será la imagen que represente al proyecto a nivel local e internacional.

Pueden escuchar la entre vista a partir del minuto 5:30.


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