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As you all know the first activity of the Erasmus projects was the design of the logo. After the local design we had a contest with the four international logos.

We have already published the final logo result bit as part of the evaluation and quality process of the project we are going to show you the official results of the logo and the number of votes.

So as a conclusion the Spanish logo has been the one chosen from all the participants as the official logo of the Erasmus + KA 229 ‘Enrichment is the result of meeting’

Congratulations to all the participants.





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Spanish Local Radio interview

Spain Local Radio Linares SER interview

Here you can listen to the interview of Rocio López from Radio Linares SER to our Spanish coordinator, Yolanda Jiménez, about our Erasmus+ KA229.

They talk about our project, our Italian, Greek and Romanian partners, the objectives we would like to achieve, and how to develop an Erasmus+ in this COVID situation. How they will adapt their mobilities into virtual mobilities so students will have opportunities to learn and interact.

 In this link you can listen to the Spanish interview at a local media.




En este enlace podeis escuchar la entrevista de Rocio López de Radio Linares SER a nuestra coordinadora, Yolanda Jiménez, acerca del proyecto Erasmus + KA229 de nuestro colegio.

Entre los temas que trataron está el desarrollo del proyecto, los socios italianos, griegos y rumanos, los objetivos que queremos conseguir, y cómo se va a adaptar el proeycto a la nueva realidad COVID. Cómo van a adaptar las movilidades reales a movilidades virtuales para que el alumnado siga teniendo oportunidades de aprender e interactuar entre ellos.

Os dejamos el enlace:





Information posted by CEIP Marqueses de Linares(Spain)


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