Giuseppe Taliercio Institute is in Marina di Carrara, a district of Carrara municipality set in a lovely landscape whose frame is made up of the Apuan Alps at the back and the Tyrrhenian sea at the front, there are about 62.000 residents living in the area.


Carrara is well-known all over the world for its marble quarries, especially white marble, which drew a lot of important artists like Michelangelo to come and work here.


The school provides education at different levels

  • Kindergarten “Lunense” (3 to 6 Yrs)
  • Nursery school “Giampaoli” (3 to 6 Yrs)
  • Primary school “Doganella” ( 6 to 10 Yrs)
  • Primary school“A.M. Menconi” (6 to 10 Yrs)
  • Primary school “Giromini”(6 to 10 Yrs)
  • Lower secondary school  “Taliercio” (11 to 13 Yrs)

In our school there are 800 students and  100 teachers. The students’ families are of different social classes but in  a wide percentage of them both parents are employed and cultured.

There is a small number of foreign pupils: our school looks after them to promote integration through  welcoming occasions and specific educational paths; among the student community there are a lot of pupils with Special Needs: during the years we have been working for them to set welcoming and integration procedures so as to become a really inclusive school.


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