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In the activity P24 al the schools have worked
on inclusion and diversity. Students have been part of activities under the
title “Live under my skin: Be like me”. The Spanish school has Autism
Development Program together with a General Development Disorder program, they
will provide materials.

Students have being conscious of the
difficulties of disabled people.

They have known how blind people manage to
move around or how they managed to read using the Braille alphabet.


We have used videos to show students how
pupils with autism can hear sounds very loudly and what is normal for us will
be disturbing for them (voice level at class when working with will help them
to know how they will behave under their circumstances).


All the schools have looked for braille adaptations
and pictograms in their cities and have taken photos of them

They have also written some conclusions about
these adaptations that have being gather together in this digital book.

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